Jumping Off

I’m starting off today’s blog with an inspirational video from Steve Harvey:

Aside from the many references to God (which I don’t believe in), I think this is an amazing speech, full of promise and hope . . . and I have recently decided that it’s my time to jump.

I can’t give all the credit to Mr. Harvey, though.  For the last several years I’ve been taking classes to learn the art of voice overs (VO).  And last year, I got to produce my first audio book.  I’m currently in the final editing stages of the second audio book (a sequel to the first), and I’ve got another couple of audio books on the back burner, waiting for me to have time.

So now I’m taking that time.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been an admin for the last 20+ years, and have been wanting out for nearly as long.  To be fair, being an admin has given me a great lifestyle; I’ve been able to travel, to live a very comfortable lifestyle, and I’ve met some amazing people.  But it’s NEVER fed my soul.  Even so, the last couple of years at my current day-job, I’ve had to deal with a boss that can be described, at best, “difficult to work with,” and at worst, a “passive-aggressive bully,” and I finally got to a place where I’d had enough of it.

So, combine the stressful day-job, wanting to have more time to work on VO, and inspirational articles and videos like the one up there, and it just seemed to me that the Universe was saying “Go for it!”

Midlife - Universe

Yes, it’s true that I’m in the middle of my life (I just turned 46), so it’s possible that this could be called a “mid-life crisis,” but it’s also possible that it’s time for me to stop being afraid of what might happen and just take the leap and SEE what will happen.

I’ve therefore decided to cash out my 401k, and spend the next 4-5 months putting my full-time efforts into making a go of my dreams of being a professional VO actor and photographer.  Some might call that irresponsible; after all, I’m leaving a job that’s just four miles from my home, where I’m getting paid nearly six figures.  Some might also call it scary . . . and yes, to a certain extent, it is scary.  I’m basically packing away my safety net for a few months and gonna jump off that cliff Mr. Harvey alluded to and risk getting torn up on the jagged rocks below.

But here’s how I see it . . . I’ve been doing a job for 20+ years that I’ve never found fulfilling because I’ve been too afraid of those rocks and the damage they might cause, but instead, I’ve been damaging my soul (and lately my body) from putting up with the stress of staying in an unfulfilling job just because it’s safe.  I’d much rather get damaged from trying to succeed at my dream careers.

Besides, who knows what will happen next?  I might win the lottery.  I might book an amazing VO gig within the first month.  Or I might have to look for a day-job again, but–as my husband, Craig, put it–even if I have to find another Admin job in 4-5 months, I’ll have learned SO much from putting this much focus in my careers.  And, at the very least, I’ll have gotten out of a very toxic situation (for me).

So wish me well in this next chapter of my life.  I’ll keep you abreast of my journey, but you can also feel free to follow my VO career on my VO Facebook page, or find out what Craig and I are up to in our art business by following our art blog.  Either way, I’m jumping.


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