Closing of the Year

This post–hopefully the first of many–is going to be a shout out to the other career I’ve undertaken.  Many of you know that I’m an aspiring author (which has had to be shelved for now), and you might also know that I’m a photographer (my images can be seen here, and my latest photography-based blog, here).  But what you might not know (unless you’ve been following me for a while and even read the fine print) is that I’m also a voice over (VO) artist.

I’ve been taking VO classes for a few years now, and did get to do one web commercial for a product that my husband, Craig, animated, but about 4-5 months ago, I began to earn the title of audiobook narrator.

I auditioned for the book through ACX and the author chose me to be the voice of her collection of fairy tale mystery short stories, titled Cinderella P.I. and Other Fairy Tale Mystery Stories, and it’s written by Juliet Kincaid. Many of the stories were published back in 2013 or earlier, but she’d recently decided that she wanted to turn it into an audiobook.

I was psyched to be chosen, to say the least, and even though the task proved–at times–to be frustrating (mostly because I was SO new to this process), I enjoyed every minute of it.  I got to provide so many character voices for this audiobook, and got to learn a new skill and get more practice at it.  It challenged me in ways that I’ve wanted to be challenged for a while now.

Juliet and I had to work together to make sure the finished product was to her liking, and thankfully we got it done in time for the Christmas buying season.  And I even decided to make up a trailer (like a movie trailer) for the audiobook and posted it on YouTube.  Or you can click the image below to see it:

Cinderella PI

Since I still have my day job (all of these career paths will eventually be my “day job”), the 4-5 month process was a little exhausting, so Juliet and I are going to take a break from recording and meet back up for another collection of hers some time next year.  But I’m already excited to get started on another audiobook.  This is one of the careers where I feel I’m truly meant to be (like photography and writing) . . . it’s just a matter of making the time to do more of it.

And since this is my last blog of 2015, I want to say that I hope you are enjoying the holiday season, and I wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (belated), Happy Kwanzaa, and  a Happy New Year!  May 2016 be filled with much love, joy, and dreams coming true!


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