The Ripple Effect

You never know how you’ll affect those around you.  A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog about my time with Dahn Yoga; a cult with its sights set on drawing in hundreds of thousands of people (and their money) with the promise of healing them through “yoga.”  When I recently received my 2014 year-end update, I found out that that blog has gotten the most traffic of all of my posts, not over just last year, but since it was published back in August, 2012.

I originally wrote that blog because I had alluded to my time in a cult in another post, and wanted to explain it as one of those things that happened to me.  I did hope that it would help some people get away from Dahn before they got too sucked in, but I didn’t expect it to have more than 1500 views, nor that it would be the post most commented on. But interestingly enough, someone who read a different blog concerning Dahn Yoga put a link to mine in the comments section, and that has probably driven lots of traffic my way.

My first commenters were people I knew congratulating me for getting out of the cult, but since then, it’s been other people who have found me through one channel or another and have recounted their own horror stories of cult-ish behavior from the Dahn centers and their struggles to extract themselves or their loved ones from the money machine created by Ilchi Lee.  I’ve had people thanking me for writing the blog, and saying that they would use my story (or the others found in the comments) to help them gather the strength needed to break free.  It’s been humbling to know that some have found my story useful for their own growth.

This whole experience has taught me two things: 1) I have no way of predicting which of my blogs will be popular; and 2) I have more of an effect on those around me than I know.

I think the second point is true of many people.  Most of us go through life just living it without putting too much thought into who else gets affected in our wake.  We might not be like George Bailey and think that others would be better off if we weren’t around (at least, I hope most of us don’t have those thoughts), but I know that I used to think I didn’t matter much to the people around me.  Not that they hated me, but more like they were indifferent to me, my actions, or my words.  So learning otherwise is kind of a nice and unexpected feeling.

Furthermore, I have no idea of knowing just how many others will hear my story as told through someone who’s read the blog.  Those readers who have had similar issues with Dahn (and struggles extracting themselves from those clutches) will then share their experiences with people they meet, and so on, and so on, and so on.  Much like a pebble thrown into a pond, we DO effect those around us, and by proxy, people around them.  It’s a kind of “Six Degrees of Separation” thing, but in a good way (true, the ripple effect can work in bad ways, too, but for today’s purposes we’re just gonna focus on the good stuff).

So I invite you all to reflect on the places where you’ve had a positive effect on someone’s life and then dig a little deeper to connect the dots to who else you may have affected positively via the ripple effect.  Not only will you feel good about yourself for helping others out, but it’ll be quite eye-opening to see just how many people you’ve touched.


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  1. Dolly Chamberlin
    Jan 31, 2015 @ 09:20:54

    I love it when this happens!!! : } When a piece of the puzzle fits together so clearly. LOVES ; }


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