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This is (mostly) taken from my other blog “M*A*S Artwork,” but there are some people who read this blog that don’t know about my other one.  Plus, I’ve added a couple things here and there, so it’s worth reading again.

I’m slowly learning that starting an art business is a long, and involved process.  Especially when you also have to work a full-time job whilst trying to get it off the ground.  It doesn’t help much that Craig and I are introverts by nature, either, so it takes us a while to gather the cojones to walk into a gallery or business to ask if we can hang our art up.

But earlier this year, I did just that.  I happened to be in our local library and noticed a sign that talked about art exhibits at the main branch.  Feeling compelled, I asked how I could become one of the exhibiting artists.  Turns out all we had to do was submit a couple of our images so they could see what our stuff was about (kind of like jurying for an art fair), and then they offered us three available months.  Wanting some extra time to select our pieces & get them ready, we opted for a December show.  That also meant we had a few extra months to get over the fear of putting ourselves out on display, so to speak.

The day finally came to hang everything & voila!  We have our very own “solo” art exhibit!

Art Exhibit - Alyx Morgan and Craig SmithI suppose it’s not technically a “solo” show, since we’ll both have images on display, but if you think of us as a company, then it’s definitely a one team gig.  It’s just our art.

Craig at the PodiumWe hung everything up on November 30th, and then our opening gala/artist’s reception was this past Wednesday.  We weren’t exactly sure what to speak to, and we had no time to put together a presentation, so our opening talk lasted literally no more than 10 minutes (including the Q&A session).  Thankfully, though, everyone who showed seemed to understand that this was our first show and they were forgiving of the brevity.  Plus, it meant they could go look at our pieces earlier and then head home.  We had a downpour that day, so I’m sure people were glad to get home to their warm PJs.

And the response we got was great!  We had some friends show up who were very complimentary, but there were also some people we’d never met before who seemed to really enjoy our stuff.  Some of them pulled us aside to ask about our processes or where certain photos were taken, and we felt a little like celebrities.

Craig and I also renovated our website, and we had a lot of folks take our business cards (we also had some ask about a pricing list, YAY!), so hopefully we’ll have lots of web traffic during and after this exhibit, which may hopefully lead to purchases, which will help build our business.

So, while it’s been a long road to get to this point, it’s starting to feel like the seeds we’ve planted are germinating and growing.  And that’s a great feeling.

Another great bit . . . we were originally scheduled to be up for just the month of December, but on the day we hung everything, we were asked if we wanted to keep it up through January!  Both Craig and I had the same thought . . . Uh, YEAH!  But we managed to keep our outward response to a calm, “Sure, we could do that.”  😉

So, if you’re in the Alameda area during the months of December or January, please stop by and check out our exhibit.  The address for the library is 1550 Oak Street, Alameda, CA. You can find their hours here.  If you want us to be there to answer any questions you might have (or if you feel the need to fawn over our work 😉 ), just let me know in the comments, or send us an email through our website, here.


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