Funny Sites

It’s been a while since I talked about sites that I enjoy visiting for various forms of entertainment.  So I’m gonna do that today.

HISHE – How It Should Have Ended

This site is AWESOME if you want to see fun videos that point out the absurdity of movies.  For instance, in How Tangled Should Have Ended, you see Flynn Ryder leaning calmly against a tree while Rapunzel runs around catching all sorts of crap in her hair:

HISHE - Tangled

Or better yet, check out the one about Frozen:

HISHE - Frozen

That video showcases one of the big problems in Frozen (in my opinion), but there’s another one that’s even better.

The people at Cinema Sins (a You Tube channel) have lots of videos where they tear apart various movies (even ones they enjoy), and count up the “sins” for every cliché, unexplained plot, or even completely unbelievable coincidence that movie makers use to move the film along.

Since I had SUCH a problem with Disney’s latest princess movie (mostly because, HELLO!  It was an obvious rehash of Tangled!), I thoroughly enjoyed watching as the sins mounted for this Oscar-winning animated feature.  But don’t take my word for it . . . check it out for yourself:

Everything Wrong with Frozen

Cinema Sins even did a great one about what’s wrong with the movie The A-Team.  And even though I enjoyed that movie, I had to agree with them on many of the “sins.”

Everything Wrong with The A-Team

But Cinema Sins doesn’t just focus on current movies.  They also take suggestions from viewers for other movies that are in need of having their “sins” counted.  For instance, they’ve done one for The Wizard of Oz, Titanic, and even the beloved Toy Story (though, to be honest, I haven’t watched that one yet).

Something else on YouTube that I enjoy watching (which doesn’t take as long as HISHE or Cinema Sins) is the Simon’s Cat channel.  Chances are you’re well acquainted with the simple black and white drawings of Simon, or rather his cat, but in case you’ve been under an internet rock for the last couple of years, here are a couple of the better animated shorts:

Cat Man Do:

Simon's Cat - Can Man Do







Simon's Cat - Suitcase





Another group of funny videos that I like are the Cute, Win, Fail ones done by Toby Turner (a/k/a Tobuscus).  I can’t seem to find the right channel for him on YouTube anymore, but if you just go to, and type “Cute Win Fail” in the search area, you’ll see a bunch of them come up.  I’ll even give you a couple of my favorites to start your viewing off.

For those not in the know, CWF is where three videos are competing for what Mr. Turner calls “Epicosity.”  It’s similar to America’s Funniest Home Videos, but in less-than-5-minute increments.  The first one you should watch is Episode 72:  Your Anus.  It’s a cute lesson in how confusing the English language is to a toddler.

From there you can check out any number of them, but definitely don’t miss Episode 53:  Puppy Keep Away.  Chances are you’ll wind up watching MANY others while you’re there, but those are some that I really like.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog of fun and funny videos.  I’m adding the HISHE, Cinema Sins, and Simon’s Cat links to my list of favorite links, just in case you decide not to save them to your favorites, and you somehow forget where to find them.  You can always find them here . . . well, to the right side of my blog, under Favorite Links.

Until next time, Alyx out!


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