Adorable Pets

Pets can bring such joy to your life.  The happy wagging of a dog’s tail (or entire body) when you come home, or a cat purring while weaving through your legs once you walk in the door, usually evoke lots of warm fuzzies.  Studies have even proven how owning a pet can help reduce stress in your life.  The simple act of petting one helps release happy chemicals in your brain, and can even help lower blood pressure and alleviate depression.

The abundance of cute videos on YouTube and Facebook memes of animals frolicking proves that you don’t even have to own one, as long as you can get your happy fix some other way.  One of my favorite video compilations of adorable pets is Les Chats Ninja:

Les Chats Ninja

Not only are the video clips adorable, but if you listen under the French dubbing, you can hear someone making the noises of the cats as they do their cute things.

DSCF1217Call me biased, but I think our kitty, Jasmyn, is no exception to being adorable.  When we come in the door, she’s usually right there to say “hi” (unless our coming home interrupts a nap, then she arrives eventually), and proceeds to plop down on the floor a couple of feet in front of us, exposing her belly for the requisite Hello rub.  She REALLY loves to play hide and seek or peek-a-boo with us, and also loves to find little nooks and crannies (or a freshly cleaned basked of laundry) to snuggle up in for her nap.

When it’s time to feed her some wet food, Jasmyn likes to be offered two cans and she’ll rub herself against the one she’s chosen for that day.  How she chooses I still don’t know, but it’s become a ritual with us; complete with me having a one-way conversation with her that goes something like this:  “Is this the one you want this morning?  Are you sure?  Okay then.”  I realize it’s a little silly to do this when she obviously has no idea what I’m saying–and she probably just wants to rub her cheek against something for itching purposes–but it feels like a way for us to connect.

Another way for her and I to connect is when I bring in some grass for her to eat.

Jasmyn’s an indoor cat, so she can’t just munch on the grass whenever she wants.  I’ve tried buying her grass from a pet store, but she doesn’t really go for it.  So, every couple of days I’ll step outside and grab a few big blades for her.  The moment I come back in the door, she’s up on her hind legs, and grabbing at my hand.  The pictures below show just how cute she looks while I’m feeding the blades to her.  Yeah, she’s totally got me trained, and I know it.  But it’s just so adorable that I don’t even care.

Eating Grass

One more thing she does that just melts our hearts is, when we pick her up, she drapes her front paws over our shoulder, facing behind us, and seems content to just sit there and observe the world around her.  It’s like she thinks of us as her personal cat tower or perch.  But she always purrs while she perches like that, and damned if we don’t give a loving chuckle every single time.

So go on and enjoy all the cute videos of animals you can get your hands on.  Heck, take pictures of your own (if you haven’t already) to keep on hand.  Because–like with all of us–one day our furry friends won’t be here anymore, and these photos and videos are a great way to remember the love and joy that having pets brings to your life.

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  1. Dana Fredsti
    Sep 05, 2014 @ 14:40:02

    Awwww…. 🙂


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