A Child’s Logic

My nephews are both fans of comic books and superheroes.  So much so, that they once asked Craig to draw each of them a picture of their favorite version of Ghost Rider.  I’ve heard that they still have the drawings and cherish them a lot.

I was recently talking on the phone with Gabriel, the youngest (12 yrs old), and we were discussing the movie The Avengers, and how great a movie it was.

The conversation then moved into which of the superheroes was my favorite, and which one I would choose to be if I could.

“Wonder Woman,” was my reply.

“No, Auntie Alyx,” said Gabriel.  “She’s not in the Marvel Universe.”

“Well, you didn’t say it had to be from the Marvel Universe,” I countered.

Though, to be honest, even if he HAD specified the Marvel Universe, I probably would’ve said her anyway.  I’m not as educated as they are in the Marvel vs DC realms; especially when it comes to the female heroes.

So I had him tell me which heroines are in the Marvel Universe, and chose appropriately from the list he gave me (for the record, I chose Storm).  Then he asked me if I thought it would be awesome to be a superhero.  Here, I had to break his heart a little bit:

“No, honey, I don’t think it would be cool to be a superhero.”

“Why not, Auntie Alyx?  I think it would be.”

“Well, because of all the destruction that happens when a superhero fights a villain.”  I used The Avengers and Man of Steel and all the carnage that befell the cities where the big battles were held as examples of my opinion.

“But Auntie Alyx,” Gabriel responded. “That all gets cleaned up right away.”

I tried not to laugh here, because a 12 year-old can’t possibly understand the financial implications of having to rebuild an entire city after such a massive ruin. Not to mention the number of lawsuits that would most likely befall the city or superhero(es) for the lives lost in the battle.

So I simply said “You think so, huh?” in response to his ‘logic.’

“Yeah.” A beat, then, “So, wouldn’t it be cool to be a superhero, Auntie Alyx?”

Again I dashed his dreams:

“Not for me, honey,” I said.


“You have to maintain a secret identity all the time, when you’re a superhero.  Not to mention the fact that you never get a moment’s rest, it seems.  You’ve got bad guys trying to kill you or your loved ones all the time.”

But Gabriel had an answer at the ready for that one, too:

“No, Auntie Alyx.  That only happens once a month, cuz that’s when the new comic books come out.”

I was unable to hold back my laughter at this point, though I was able to keep it very short and respond with a “Oh, is that how it works?”

I just love the logic that children have.  Gabriel’s got a couple other gems that I will hold in my heart forever, but this one takes the cake for sure.  I still had to tell him that I didn’t think being a superhero would be cool, because I didn’t want to get attacked even once a month, but when he insisted that he thought it would be cool, I simply let it go and let him dream about being one.

So there you have it, folks.  Feel free to dream about becoming a superhero, because you’ll only get attacked once a month and all the destruction gets cleaned up “right away.”  But make sure they’re from the Marvel Universe, because apparently DC heroes aren’t as noteworthy. 😉


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