Breakfast Served All Day Long

Breakfast for Dinner

We’ve all heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I don’t think those who came up with that theory equated it with how it can affect the day’s mood.  It’s an interesting perspective, though.

I know that I have a sort of ritual on work mornings.  I wake up, check my email to see if some AMAZING person has contacted me during the night, feed the cat, grab a shower, make my breakfast and then sit down to enjoy it while catching up on my shows via On Demand.  Depending on how much time I spend at the computer, I might have anywhere from 20-50 minutes to eat and watch TV.

All told, that routine takes me about two and a half hours; yes, I’m up at 5 a.m. weekday mornings.  I’ve met lots of people who’d rather sleep an extra two hours and just grab something on the way out the door, or to the office, but I’ve discovered that I NEED that quiet time in order to gear up for the day ahead of me.  At some point, I’d like to throw a bit of meditation in there (and I need to get back to exercising in the morning), but when I sleep in, or grab something on my way out the door, I feel rushed, unsettled, and like I’ve had no time to myself, which is extremely important to me.

But it’s not really the type of food that does it for me, because I’ve made myself fish and vegetables (or some other afternoon/evening type meal) for breakfast, if the mood strikes me.  And before you go thinking I’m weird, think back to the time(s) when you’ve had cold pizza or cold chicken for breakfast.  Heck, for some reason, restaurants here in California put chicken and waffles together as an actual breakfast dish!  I don’t understand why–as it has absolutely NO appeal to my taste buds–but it’s definitely a thing out here.

So, as I said, it’s not what I eat at breakfast that helps put me in a good mindset; it’s the time of day.  Craig and Athena are both late risers, so they don’t usually get up before 9 a.m.,   whereas I can’t seem to sleep much past the sunrise (even on the weekends), so I generally have the house to myself for two to three hours.

I truly enjoy that early time, when the only sounds you hear outside are birds waking up, and maybe the garbage trucks coming by to collect for the day.  And I really love to ride my bike down the nearly empty streets, especially on the weekends.  On Saturday or Sunday, I can wake up with the sun, get out on my bike and still have some solitude, since most people are still in bed.

But back to Ruthie’s (that’s the little girl in the comic strip) reasoning for having breakfast foods at dinner time.  On the rare occasion that I’ll fix pancakes or eggs for my evening meal, it does feel kind of special and puts a fun spin on the evening.  I remember one time I was in Paris, this guy made me an omelette for dinner, and it felt quite magical.  Part of that feeling may have come from being in Paris for the first time, and part of it may have been that it was a real Frenchman cooking me a meal, but I still think the omelette itself added a neat bit of spice to the dinner, too.

But, whatever type of food you decide to eat for your first meal of the day, I hope that it does bring you a sense of “Gee, something good could happen today.”

Bon appétit!


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