What Would You Do . . .

. . . for a Klondike Bar?

This was a commercials that ran in my youth that I actually enjoyed.

For those who have never seen them, they showed a picture of the delectable treat,

What would YOU do?

What would YOU do?

sang the little jingle:

Chocolate coated ice-cream
Loaded big and thick
No room for a stick . . .
What would you do~oo~oo for a Klondike Bar?

and then someone had to do something out of the ordinary in order to earn the tasty dessert.

It was kind of like a more publicized version of the Dare portion of “Truth or Dare.”  Some of the dares were funny or potentially embarrassing, while others were more of a departure from the person’s regular “norm.”  For example, in one of them, a husband had to “listen to his wife for five whole seconds,” after which he was rewarded with the treat.

This series of commercials ran a lot in my childhood, and my friends and I would often ask each other outlandish things, just to see where exactly a person would draw the line.  It is, after all, a simple novelty that you can buy at any 7-Eleven for about two dollars (or 75 cents back then), so some people weren’t willing to do anything too outrageous.

These What Would You Do sessions were mostly just talk . . . nobody ever received the frozen bar as a reward.  There was one day, though, where I was driving around with my Aunt and her daughter, and we stopped at a small grocery store.  For some reason one of us started singing the little ditty, and my cousin, Pam, asked me if I would cluck like a chicken throughout the store for the Klondike Bar.  I’d always wanted to do one of these sorts of things, so I said “Hell yeah!”

So there I was, a teenaged girl dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, running up and down the aisles, clucking away like a chicken.  I didn’t encounter too many people, but when I did, I simply explained to them why I was acting so erratically, and they smiled or smirked at me, but at least they stopped looking at me as though I was insane.  They probably figured “kids!” but as long as they weren’t going to get a straightjacket and put me away, I didn’t care.

I know I didn’t make it through the whole store before I broke down laughing, and by the time my Aunt and cousin caught up with me, they were both laughing too.  It was a riot, and we all treated ourselves to the ice cream reward and bonded over the experience.  If I’d thought a lot about it, I might not have been so willing to make a fool of myself in a public place.  But hey, that’s one thing I was able to cross off my bucket list, and I wasn’t ever going to see the other shoppers again, so why not?!  And now I have a stronger connection to some point in my pop culture history.

So how about you?  What Would You Do?  What sort of silly spectacle would you be willing to make of yourself, in order to get some small dessert that you could go out and purchase without doing possible damage to your dignity?  Or have you already done something like that?  I’d love to hear about it.


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