AOC 2013

I was invited to participate in the Frank Bette Gallery event, Alameda on Camera, again this year.  This is the event where 48 artists are selected and given a piece of the map of Alameda (that’s been divided up into 48 sections), and have 48 hours in which to take photographs of their area.  They’re then given a month’s time to prepare whatever kind of artwork they want out of the pictures they’ve taken.

I’ve seen some amazing and ingenious pieces there in the past.  From glass coasters and plates, to a shower curtain, to a patchwork quilt and much more, people are encouraged to make whatever kind of art they can imagine, as long as they incorporate at least one of the pictures from their area into the piece.  And boy can they imagine some neat stuff!

The last two years, I got the same section of Alameda.  I could’ve traded it in my second year, but I wanted to see what I came up with, and I’m glad I did, because one of my pieces won an award, while another was considered a favorite of many people I spoke to at the gallery.

This year, I got a completely different section, at almost the complete opposite end of the island from where I was before.  The last two years, my section was an eclectic mix of office buildings, old restaurants, some outdated railroad tracks and the estuary between Alameda and Oakland.  This year, my section was entirely residential, with most of the houses looking like each other.  When we drove around the night I received my map piece, I wondered how I’d be able to find anything that I wanted to take pictures of at first.  Most of my photography runs to unusual angles of buildings or statues, so homes in a subdivision certainly wasn’t up my alley, per se.  However, shortly after the worry entered my head, I noticed all the brick columns in the architecture, and I immediately flashed on an idea to pay homage to MC Escher; one of my favorite artists.

Ode to Escher - FinalI set to work, trying to create something unique that would embody the type of optical illusion that Escher was so famous for, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it, AND I only had a month to try to learn how to manipulate perspectives like he was able to.  Eventually, I decided to simply recreate one of his famous pieces out of things in my own pictures; essentially a photo collage.  It was a LOT more Photoshop intensive than I’ve ever done before, but I’m fairly proud of the outcome (as proud as an artist can be, anyway, since we always see places where our art can be improved upon).

I also submitted a second piece, which was another photo collage that I’d taken over the weekend.  This one wasn’t as difficult to construct as the Escher piece, but it was still involved.  Then, I needed to find the right mat-board for each piece, and we had to put the whole thing together in a frame.


Also, Craig was one of the 48 chosen this year, so he got his own section.  He had walked around with me during my two previous outings for the event, so he decided to see if his application would be accepted . . . and YAY, it was!  Craig was able to find a couple photos from his section which would showcase his talents with stippling/pointillism.  With everything else that came on our plates during March, there were times he wasn’t sure he’d be able to finish his pieces in time, but YAY, he did!

Lagoon BoathouseLagoon Lone Tree

Now, we just have to wait for the Gala Opening of the event to see our fellow artist’s pieces, and to see who won the various awards.  Of course we both hope we won something, but mostly we enjoyed the fun of seeing another part of the island, as well as seeing what sort of artwork we could create from our photos.

If you’re over by Alameda during the next couple of months, stop on in to the Frank Bette Gallery.  The show runs from April 5 through June 1 (but the Gala Opening is April 12).  You’re sure to enjoy the different art that this community has come up with for this year’s Alameda on Camera.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Janet Rudolph
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 06:06:31

    This is so cool. I’m going to try and stop by the show.


  2. kerryemckenna
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 10:18:12

    I can’t wait to see it in person next weekend!!!


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