Life With Cats

We got a cat a few months ago.  I’d had cats when I was growing up, and I loved them, but once I moved out on my own I discovered I was allergic to all animal dander, and never got one.  I don’t handle a pet’s death very well, so I didn’t want to have to endure that, either.  But when a friend of mine posted on Facebook a picture of some kittens she was trying to find homes for (one in particular), my heart went all soft and my brain forgot about my allergy.  All I knew was I had to have this particular kitty.

The pictures were posted a month before we were getting married, but I immediately contacted my friend and asked if we could put a “hold” on Jasmyn (I knew her name the moment I saw her face) until we got back from the wedding.  She’s been with us ever since.

It’s amazing how quickly a pet inserts themselves into your lives.  About a month after we picked Jasmyn up, we had to take her back so she could get fixed (that was part of the agreement when we adopted her).  Jasmyn was only gone for one night, but the house felt so completely empty.  And when we picked her up the next day, I freaked out like a mom whose child is in the hospital.  I was over-protective, overly-worried, and overly-whatever else you can think of when someone overreacts.  I especially got very sad when Jasmyn began mewling piteously in the cat carrier as we took her from the building to our car, and then from our car into the apartment.  I let her roam around inside the car, and she was fine then, but when she had to be put back in the carrier she freaked, and I worried.  Just like a new mama.

To be honest, there are times when I think it might be nice not to have a cat.  When she’s not making our hearts melt with all her cuteness, Jasmyn crawls on every surface, regardless of how many times we say “NO!”  She’s always losing her favorite toy under the fridge, oven, or couch, so I’m constantly searching for it.  And we still can’t quite get her to stop scratching up the couch.

My allergies have also begun to act up more now than they did in the beginning (my skin itches wherever she touches or scratches me), and she’s in the rambunctious stage where she’ll be calm one moment, and in the next is suddenly tearing around the house, using our appendages as playthings.

That being said, however, we can’t imagine our lives without her.  She meets us right at the door when we come home as if to say “I missed you guys!”  In fact, she mews something awful from the moment she hears our car pull into the driveway until the key is in the lock.  She loves to come visit us if we’re in the bathroom, and when I take a shower, she cries if she can’t see me.  Jasmyn rests her head on our shoulders when we pick her up and pet her (unless she’s in a playful mood), and she likes to sleep at the foot of our bed every night.  And she’s a big ol’ purr-box.  In fact, her full name is Jasmyn DemonCat PurrBox.

So, we’ll put up with the frustrations, because we love her so much.  I’m hoping she’ll outgrow this rambunctious stage, and will become a cat that is more autonomous and less needy.  We’ll get her declawed soon, too, which will help end the shredding of the couch and carpet.  I know that procedure is a huge taboo for people out here in California, but she’s going to be a strictly indoor cat, and every cat I owned in Michigan was declawed in the front (they were all indoor cats, as well), and they never had any of the concerns I’ve read about from people out here.

But for the most part, we’re feeling our way through this new addition to our lives.  Sometimes the bad seems to outweigh the good, but by and large, we love Jasmyn tremendously and are very glad we adopted her.

If you’d like to see some humorous and spot-on depictions of life with cats, check out Simon’s Cat.


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