Birthday Wishes

There are many people who don’t like their birthdays, or at least don’t celebrate them.  I don’t know if they don’t like the thought of getting older, or if they just never received the proper enthusiasm when they were growing up.  I’m guessing it’s the latter, because my birthdays were always treated with joy and a sense of ceremony when I was younger.  It’s a celebratory notion that I still carry inside today.

When my brother and I were younger, we were always told that our birthday was special.  We were allowed our choice of either breakfast in bed, or dinner wherever we wanted.  We both opted for dinner more often than not, because it was a chance to go to Red Lobster, or even McDonald’s (Hey, to a 10 year-old, McDonald’s is a four-star establishment!)  But our biggest treat was that we were allowed to take the day off from school.  My mom believed that, since it was our special day, it should be treated as such.  That’s a tradition I carry to this day; I don’t work on my birthday.  It’s my day, and I get to choose what I want to do with it.

A few years ago, I decided that what I wanted to do with my special day was travel.  I promised myself that I would go someplace I’ve never been before on my birthday.  It’s a new ceremony of sorts, if you will, to mark the crossing into a new year with new experiences.  So, depending on when the day falls, I might take a long weekend, or it might just be a one day trek.

My birthday trip to Pittsburgh was one of those one-day trips.  I think it fell on a Wednesday that year, so I simply left Chicago early in the morning, spent a few hours walking around Pittsburgh, and returned home late in the evening.  I saw some wonderful sites, and took some great photos of a nearby cemetery.  Plus, I’d never taken a one-day trip just for the fun of it.  Something else to cross of my bucket list!

Another year, I went up to the Mall of America.  That one wasn’t as neat or quick a journey as the one to Pittsburgh.  It involved hopping on the wrong bus, then taking another one back to Chicago and then purchasing a one-way airplane ticket up to Minnesota so I wouldn’t miss out on too much, then returning a couple days later, as originally planned.  It’s hilarious to think of that journey now, but believe me, there were many tears of frustration on the bus ride back to Chicago.  My travel happened on the day before my birthday, so the special day was spent in the MoA, seeing the numerous shops and riding on the inside roller coaster.

For my 40th birthday a couple years back, I had decided that I wanted to take a month-long trip to Australia.  There was so much I wanted to see and do there, that I knew a week wouldn’t be enough.  Well, reality set in, and I was only able to go for two weeks, but there were some wonderful things to offset that particular disappointment.  For one, Craig was able to go with me.  For another, we decided to include New Zealand in the vacation.  So we spent a week in Sydney, and the next week driving all over the north island of New Zealand.  Also, since my birthday falls in the middle of Australia’s winter, we decided to push it off by a few months.  This was okay with me, because the trip happened around Craig’s birthday in September, AND it was his first trip out of the country, EVER.  Craig got two cool stamps in his passport for his birthday.  WooHoo!

But since my 40th birthday wouldn’t happen like I’d originally planned, Craig took me to Yosemite that year to celebrate it.  We saw the mountains and gorgeous scenery there, and there was even some snow left over that June.  We had a great time, and still honored my promise to myself.

Tomorrow’s birthday will also be spent closer to home.  We’re still paying for our July wedding, so we’ve decided to head up to Point Reyes.  It’s just a couple hours’ drive from home, and I’ve been told it’s a gorgeous stretch of nature.  Whatever we see, I know there will be some cool experiences to mark the passing of another year on this planet.  We’ll even have Athena for my birthday weekend, which will make it that much nicer.

I can’t wait!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kaye george
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 05:23:49

    Happy Birthday! I don’t do much to mark mine, but I used to send flowers to my mother when she was alive. My husband and kids always do something, at least call. Just a little remembrance is fine with me. I love your trips, though–great idea!


    • Alyx Morgan
      Jun 01, 2012 @ 09:55:02

      That’s nice that your husband & kids do something nice for you. I definitely believe they should be celebrated, because that’s the day YOU came into the world! WooHoo! 🙂


  2. Dana Fredsti
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 10:54:58

    I’ve gone back and forth on celebrating my birthday as far as caring if anyone acknowledged it or not, but the older I get, the more I feel it really should be savored and celebrated!


    • Alyx Morgan
      Jun 01, 2012 @ 10:58:47

      Excellent, Dana! I like the idea of savoring it . . . like a fine wine. 🙂

      Aside from simple “Happy Birthdays” from friends & family, I don’t expect much fanfare for my birthday. It’s more that I want to celebrate ME on that day . . . thus, the trips.


  3. Dolly Chamberlin
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 17:26:35

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I know it will be a GREAT day! LOVES 🙂


  4. Margaret Lucke
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 09:31:56

    Happy birthday, Alyx! Have a wonderful day!


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