The Year in Review

We’re at the end of another year.  I don’t know about you, but this one seemed to fly by for me.  Was it really six months ago that my nephew, Gabriel, was out here for a visit?  It seems more like six weeks ago.

Anyway, since we’re coming to the close of 2011, I wanted to look back at the resolutions I’d made for this year . . .

1) Continue to write at least one page a day.

I did fairly well on that one until I started planning for the wedding.  Shortly after getting engaged, my brain went into full-on wedding mode.  Then, when our plans were finalized, the holidays and quilt making came in to take over my mental faculties.  It wasn’t a complete writing loss, however.  I finished a second short story for my protagonist, Tabitha, and my editor thought it was so good that she suggested I try to get it published.  I entered the story in an e-magazine contest back in November, and will probably hear from them in February.  Even if I don’t win that contest, I plan to publish it through Amazon, so keep a look out for the exciting news.

I also signed up for a writer’s course for January, so hopefully I’ll get the final revisions done on my first novel and can continue with the others.

2) Once again limit my video game playing to weekends only.

This one I was incredibly successful on.  In fact, I’m here to tell you that I’ve kept at it throughout the entire year and plan to continue it (with some minor tweaks) for 2012.  It was incredibly easy to stay away from video games except for the weekends.  The minor tweaks I’ll make will include allowing myself to play on holidays and vacations.  In 2011, I abstained from gaming even if we were off from work on a Monday or Friday, or when I was on vacation.  For 2012, I think I’ll allow myself to play during the days I don’t have to be at work (whatever they might be called).

3) Do some form of exercise every day for at least 30 minutes.

That one went out the window the day I got hit by a car, while riding my bike.  I know I could’ve done some upper body workouts with weights or something, but I didn’t.  It took me several weeks before I was able to walk without stiffness or pain, and several months before the insurance claim was settled and I could get a new bike.  I did go for walks during the spring and summer months, and I’ve been riding my bike to work pretty religiously ever since it got replaced, so I wasn’t a complete couch potato during the year.

4) Eat healthier, and lose at least 20 pounds this year.

I made inroads with eating healthier, but didn’t lose 20 pounds this year.

5) Limit my dairy intake to once a week (I haven’t been labeled “lactose intolerant”, but it doesn’t agree with me if I eat it too often)

I was fairly good with that one, too . . . for the most part.  There were some weeks where I had dairy more than once – so I didn’t have any the following week.  When Craig and I went to Chicago in September (to check into vendors for our wedding), I consciously dropped the resolution.  There were so many great restaurants I wanted to revisit, that I didn’t want to limit myself to dairy only once during that vacation.  I’ve been sporadic with the goal ever since, but not too bad.

So that’s it.  I wasn’t as successful with my 2011 goals as I’d hoped I would be, but I wasn’t as bad as I feared when the first goal got killed, either.

For 2012, I do have some goals in my head, but nothing I want to put down as resolutions.  I think I’ve found resolutions to be too stringent for me; I berate myself if I go off them even a little.

I wish you all a Very Happy New Year!  May 2012 be filled with wonderment, laughter, and some amazing opportunities for you all!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Craig
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 09:54:35

    Let it be known that the reason for the lactose ban was that Alyx thought it was the cause of her skin reaction. Toward the end of the year, Alyx realized that it may not be dairy, but gluten that is the root of that little problem. So the necessity of the dairy ban was lessened. That said, she still did well not having dairy even without the motivation.


  2. Maddy
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 09:58:43

    I’ve been beetling around today trying to figure out some goals – better hurry up as I’m almost out of time. Glad you’ve managed to sort yours out so constructively.


    • Alyx Morgan
      Dec 30, 2011 @ 10:01:24

      LOL I wouldn’t worry about it too much, Maddy. I’m beginning to subscribe to the “small goals” school of thought. Those can be made at any time during the year. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting today.


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