Despite what some may believe, I didn’t move out to California to get away from the Midwest winters.  On the contrary, I thoroughly enjoy a good snowfall.  The crispness in the air.  Barren trees layered in white crystals that twinkle when the sun catches them just right.  Even the dirty snow that clumps up underneath your car’s wheel wells.  I miss all of those things out here.  We’ve got some crispy-aired mornings right now, but that’s about it.

As has been my pattern for the last couple of decades, I’ve been decked out and ready for Christmas since the day after Thanksgiving.  That weekend, I buy my tree (no fake ones, thank you very much . . . I love the piney smell), bake cookies to send to friends and family, address and mail my Christmas cards, and yes, start listening to holiday music.  I have my own compilation of music that spans the many feelings that the holidays can bring; from quiet introspection, to laugh-out-loud zaniness, and even a bit of music that some would find offensive or sacrilegious at this time of year.

Normally, this music helps make the holidays even more special for me.  However, this year I’ve found myself skipping past many of the songs, or even opting for no holiday music altogether while driving around.  At first I wondered if I was feeling a bit of the “Bah Humbug” spirit (which is extremely unlike me), but then I realized I was simply missing the actual season of winter; more specifically, snow.

Yes, each area of the globe has it’s four seasons – even though you can barely discern between some of them (like in Florida) – but for me, there’s nothing like a blanket of snow to make it feel like winter to me.  It really helps get me in the holiday spirit.  I’m not saying I’d like five months of bitter cold temperatures (like I was used to back in Michigan), but from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, yes, I’d like to see some snow.  I’d like to build a snowman, make a snow angel, or even catch some giant flakes on my tongue, all while my cheeks turn cold and rosy, and I long for a nice cup of hot cocoa back in the warm house.

The realization that I was missing snow hit me while I was listening to one of my favorite holiday songs.  Normally, there’s a heart-swelling emotion of happiness, love and nostalgia that fills me when I listen to the song, but this year, the lyrics barely registered with me.  It actually bummed me out when I noticed it, so I started asking myself why this year was different.  I discovered that, in truth, I’d been missing the main icon of winter  for the last few years, ever since I came out to CA.  Maybe not that first year – because we do still get some chilly mornings, and it was still such a new experience to me – but each winter since, I’ve noticed that December doesn’t hold the magic it once did for me . . . and that makes me a little sad.

Thankfully, Craig is from Michigan, too, so he understands my longing for some snowy weather.  We’ve actually discussed going somewhere next year where we can enjoy the wintry landscape we both miss.  Maybe we’ll go somewhere where we can ski downhill; something I haven’t done in several years, and neither Craig nor Athena has done, ever.  Maybe we’ll rent a room in a nice lodge that has a huge front room, with comfy chairs and couches surrounding a giant stone fireplace.  We’ll go out and ski for several hours, then come back inside and curl up in front of the fire, sipping hot tea or hot chocolate.  Then, we’ll all be so sore the next day (from using muscles we didn’t know we had), we’ll stay in front of the fireplace all day and play games or chat with other guests there.  Yes, I think spending a long weekend like that would be just what my soul needs to remember how much more magical the holidays are, at least for me, when you’re surrounded by zillions of tiny white flakes that join together to lay a beautiful blanket over the landscape.

*sigh*  I can hardly wait . . .


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dana
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 10:41:39

    Lovely post. I enjoyed the couple of white Christmas’s I experienced when visiting my in-laws in Michigan… it was WAY too cold for me outside part of the time, but when it wasn’t… I loved clumping through the forest in all of my snow gear!!!


    • Alyx Morgan
      Dec 16, 2011 @ 10:48:17

      LOL Yes, I totally understand about it getting too cold. It’s nicer if it’s cold enough to snow at night, while you sleep, & then it’s near 40 when you wake up & get to walk out in all the beautiful white stuff.

      Thanks for stopping by, Dana. 🙂


  2. Kaye George
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 12:19:36

    I, too, am a transplanted Midwesterner, but not by choice. I miss the snow so much! There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes, by the way. I keep all my long underwear and winter clothes just in case I ever get to go north in the winter.


    • Alyx Morgan
      Dec 16, 2011 @ 12:25:16

      I agree with the “no bad weather” comment, Kaye. I remember being incredibly warm in my snowsuit. Sure, it’s not the most stylish of items, but I was able to make several snow angels & not worry about my butt freezing because the wetness seeped into my pants.

      Thanks for stopping by, eh. 😉


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