A Rainbow Connection

Ever a Jim Henson fan, I’d like to start today’s blog with the opening song for The Muppet Movie, as it ties in with my theme today.

A couple weeks ago, Craig and I were driving back from Santa Cruz to Alameda.  The trip took us about an hour that Saturday afternoon.  It had been raining down in Santa Cruz, and had turned to a light drizzle as we made our way toward home.  When the beautiful sun appeared, we spotted a rainbow!  This rainbow was visible to us the entire trip back north, in various permutations, including a full rainbow every now and then.

There was even a time where we could see that the rainbow was in front of the mountains.  We were close enough to see the color of the mountain look blue or red, depending on which part of the rainbow it was behind!  At one point I almost asked Craig to veer off the highway, so we could go looking for the end closest to us.  The reason being that I wondered what (if anything) it would feel like to stand within those beautiful colors.  For one magical moment, I actually thought it might be possible to stand, surrounded by the colors.  I don’t know what I thought I might feel, nor do I know whether something like that is even possible.  All I know is that I felt the magic of the rainbow that day, and was almost positive that I could stand surrounded by “Roy G Biv”.  (Did anyone else learn the colors that way?)

I didn’t voice my request to Craig, and we kept on driving, but we talked and smiled about that glorious arc throughout the trip.  Not as much as the guy who gushed about the Double Rainbow, mind you (and I’m pretty sure his enjoyment was enhanced by some special herbs), but we were giddy children again, that’s for sure.

I was so lit up with joy at not only seeing the rainbow, but being able to see throughout our entire journey.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rainbow last a whole hour, before.  And for all I know, it was visible for even longer than that, we were just inside the rest of the day, so I didn’t see the sky afterwards.

So, as Kermit sang, what is it about rainbows that makes many of us perk up at the sight of one?  Is it just the pretty colors on display in the sky?  Do we secretly believe there might be gold at the end of it?  Is it just a chance for our inner child to come peeking out again, and glory in the amazing wonders of our planet?

I’m sure I don’t know, I’m no scientist.  Though, how cool would it be to be a scientist who studies rainbows?!  Can you imagine the little girl or boy who decided that’s what they wanted to do when they grew up?  If Craig and I were so enamored of the beautiful spectacle, can you imagine how much more so the future rainbow scientists must’ve been when they saw one?  I would hope that they still have a childlike enjoyment about them, even though they’ve learned the technical terms and reasons behind the colorful display.

I’m sure that’s why I so thoroughly enjoyed the rainbow on our drive.  For whatever reason, I’m able to tap into my childlike enjoyment of things.  Whether it’s an array of colors up in the sky, or the feel of the wind coursing through my hair.  I even still love to play duck-duck-goose . . . if I could only find other people to play it with me.

The next time you see a rainbow up in the sky, I hope you’re able to tap into your inner child, and allow yourself to see the amazing wonderment of it.  And, if you also like playing duck-duck-goose, then . . . GOOSE!  You’re It!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dana
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 09:39:42

    I was driving across the GG Bridge last year and saw a rainbow as I drove across, which shifted until one end seemed to meld into the rainbow painting on teh Rainbow Tunnel. A truly magical moment.


  2. Dolly Chamberlin
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 19:43:19

    My first instinct is awe when I see a rainbow in the sky with that childlike fascination of ‘how was that done?’ Even after knowing the scientific explanation, I still, thankfully, feel the awe, I hope I always will! It’s such a fun surprise when one appears out of . . . nowhere! :} LOVES 😉


  3. Kaye George
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 20:34:15

    I’m with you here, Alyx. I always love seeing rainbows. I’ve seen some spectacular double ones in the mountains. Even saw a full circle once! I’ll probably never see that again. Of course I never have a camera handy. Either that, or we’re driving and there’s no place to pull over. But they are magical!


    • Alyx Morgan
      Dec 02, 2011 @ 21:09:03

      Whoa! A full circle one? That would be AWESOME!

      As much as I’d like to take a picture of it, I don’t know that a photo would ever inspire the same awe, though it could help you to remember it later in life.

      Thanks for reading, Kaye.


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