Celebrating an Anniversary

This weekend will mark the one-year anniversary that I’ve been blogging.

About a year ago I was informed, through my writers group, that having a web presence was essential in this day and age.  It was recommended that even aspiring authors have a Twitter and/or Facebook account, and a website and blog.

At first I thought “What?  More work?!”  All I wanted to do was write my stories.  I was already on Facebook; though not as an author.  I refuse to create a Twitter account (I’m not even on Facebook all that often).  I couldn’t afford the cool websites that some of my fellow authors have, and many of the blogs I’d read had things posted every day.  With my full time job, and other career interests, where was I going to find time to actually write?

The consensus stood, though.  In order to be taken seriously as an author these days, you have to create a web presence.  So I decided to create my own website and blog.  Since Craig is so computer savvy, I enlisted his help for the website.  It’s still in its infant stage, but I wanted to make sure I could buy my own name as a domain, and get something up there.  We couldn’t find an easy way to create a blog page on the same site, so I came over here to WordPress, and created a blog that I could personalize enough to match the color scheme of my website.

The blog still worried me though.  I had been writing in my journal for many years – though not religiously – but I doubted that I could come up with something to write each week, let alone every day.    I had originally called my blog “On Writing”, but was worried about whether or not I’d be able to find enough things to write about under that subject heading.  I’m still just a babe in the woods, writer-wise, so I didn’t feel I could impart much wisdom to other aspiring authors.  I also didn’t want to bore people with multiple posts on my woes and roadblocks along the way; all that verbal diarrhea is what writing in my journal is for.  So, I initially set out to post something every three weeks.  I figured that was better than only once a month, while still leaving me time to focus on my novels and short stories.

Then one day, my fellow authors were talking about blogs and how to build an audience.  They said we needed to look at who we wanted our blog readers to be.  Did we want other authors, or did we want to appeal to people who weren’t “in the know” about writerly things?  I knew I wanted the latter, so I began to write about other items of interest. I found that I was able to come up with topics more often than every three weeks.  By December of last year, I was able to post something every Friday.

I’ve found this weekly blog to be beneficial in many ways.  First off, it’s helped me find discipline to write.  There are some weeks where I’m scrambling to find a topic, while other times, the words just flow out through my fingers, but I’m still here, writing about something every week.  I do have a collection of posts that I’ve got started, just in case I run into a block, and I add to the stash when a topic crosses my mind.  So I’m learning about preparedness too.

My audience is still pretty small, but many of my you have been with me since the beginning.  I appreciate each and every one of you, and hope you continue on this journey with me.  I recently changed the title of my blog, and I’m sure there will be other changes along this journey to authordom, but I want to thank everyone – even my casual readers – for coming by and reading my posts.  If not for you, this blog would simply be an electronic journal.

Thank you.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dolly Chamberlin
    Jul 15, 2011 @ 10:11:29

    Happy Anniversary!!! YAY!!! Yet another example of ‘why I don’t wear buttons.’ ;}
    I love you my “Sweet Neets” You continually impress & amaze me in different ways & achievements! My best to you in ALL your endeavors, ALWAYS!!!
    LOVES 😉


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