How Cool Are You?

Have you ever been walking along with a spring in your step, and feeling pretty darn good about yourself . . . when all of a sudden, you trip over some unforeseen bump on the sidewalk that you could’ve sworn wasn’t there a moment earlier?  BAM!  All your self-confidence and good feelings wash out of you and you spend the next few minutes trying to compensate for looking like an bumbling clod.  Either you look down at the sidewalk trying to find the bump – which has disappeared, by the way – or you try to incorporate the stumble into your walk somehow, or maybe you’re like PeeWee Herman, sloughing it off like it doesn’t matter, and declaring that you “meant to do that.”

Some people laugh heartily when they see you falter in such a way; especially if they noticed you feeling all cock-of-the-walkish before the trip.  There seems to be this pervasive attitude that being self-confident is akin to arrogance.  Personally, I think there’s a huge difference between the two, and I see nothing wrong with thinking you’re cool every now and then.

Charlie Brown’s dog, Snoopy is the epitome of self-confidence.  He just goes through life, doing his own thing, and not caring much what others think of him.  Whether  imagining himself as a World War 1 Flying Ace fighting The Red Baron, or playing Joe Cool, his alter ego, Snoopy simply oozes cool.  We laugh at his antics, and even laugh when he trips over himself, becoming embarrassed, but we also can’t help but think “That’s one cool dude!”  Wouldn’t it be great if we started to embody Snoopy’s confidence ourselves?

I remember when MTV came on the scene, and how I enjoyed watching videos of songs that I loved.  It was the first time I remember seeing people walk in slow motion with their hair being blown back by the wind.  The camera had slowed them down enough that they appeared to be strutting in time with the music’s beat . . . very slick!

My brother and I used to pretend we were cool like that when walking down the street with a group of our friends.  Heck, to be honest, I still sometimes “strut” like that.  If I’m walking along listening to some tunes, and a song with a great beat comes on, I’ll slow my pace enough and pretend I’m in a video; mouthing the words like I’m the lead singer.  I’m sure the cars driving by get a good laugh out of this, but heck, it’s fun, it doesn’t hurt anyone, and it feels pretty darn good . . . so let ’em laugh!

Another one of mine is trying to zip through the letters in the Bike Lane sign on the pavement every now and then when riding my bike.  The letters are painted on the street far enough apart that, if I position my tires just right, I slip on through without touching the raised letters.  Even though I know it’s a little silly, I silently congratulate myself whenever I successfully do that.  I also think it’s kind of cool to dismount my bike one-footed.  I slow down enough that I don’t jerk myself to a stop, and then I swing my right leg over to rest behind my left foot and coast for a little bit, until its time to step down from the bike.

Strutting down the street like you’re in a Pat Benatar video, or feeling good because you succeeded at something (no matter how dorky it might seem)  is self-confident.  Stating, ad nauseam, that you’re “winning”, and calling someone a “troll” for making a decision you don’t agree with . . . well, let’s just say that I think Mr. Sheen has taken arrogance to a whole new level.    The former are innocent-enough activities that can provide a nice ego boost when done properly.  The latter just makes someone look like a horse’s rear end, in my opinion.

Every now and then I still trip over that invisible bump in the sidewalk, but over the years, I’ve discovered a wonderful ability to laugh at myself when those moments arise.  I’m not as embarrassed by them as I used to be.  I’ve begun to look upon them not as a punishment, but more as a gentle reminder from the Universe to keep my ego in check.

So, how are you cool?  What little things do you do to pump your ego?


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kaye George
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 09:35:12

    Alyx, I keep an *attagirl* file for emails that have made me feel good. I’ve actually gotten a (very small) handful of emails from people who like my short stories. They go straight into that folder! It’s nice to pull them up and know that someone liked my writing. 🙂


    • Alyx Morgan
      Mar 11, 2011 @ 09:48:35

      That’s really cool, Kaye! What a nice way to help turn around the “I suck” gene that pops up every now & then when you get frustrated with your writing. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Dana
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 11:11:11

    Heh. I laugh when I trip. I used to be mortified, back when I took myself WAY too seriously and couldn’t laugh at myself.

    I’ve found when life gets me down sometimes the best remedy is to just let the feelings come, observe them, wallow in it a little bit just to let my inner child know I’m not dismissing her pain, and then I pick myself back up and move along. The affection I get from my cats and from Dave help!


    • Alyx Morgan
      Mar 11, 2011 @ 11:14:23

      I totally agree, Dana, that it’s best to allow yourself to feel your feelings. It helps you to move on quickly & not wallow in them. Kudos to your kitties & Dave for giving you the love & space needed to work through them! 😀

      Thanks for visiting!


  3. Mom
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 14:18:31

    If someone trips over the invisible bump on the sidewalk, and no one sees them, do they still get flushed? Well, I know I do, and am thankful I can laugh at myself.


  4. Cindy Sample
    Mar 11, 2011 @ 19:49:19

    Hi Alyx. In high school I managed to walk into the goal post when the band performed during half time, I screwed up my chime solo at the Xmas concert and a resounding thwack entertained the parents. In college I was the only dancer to kick off her boot into the audience. I could also entertain you with stories of assorted spa injuries. I just take all this great material and use it in my books. And live each day to the fullest. No matter what I do, I either have a wonderful experience or a funny story to tell. Every day is a great day.

    PS – I love your blog posts.


    • Alyx Morgan
      Mar 11, 2011 @ 23:40:47

      Oh, Cindy…I cringe for your past foibles, but can see how you could turn them into great comedic fodder for your books. It’s very cool that you can decide to have a wonderful day in spite of anything that might happen like that!

      Thank you for stopping by, & thank you for the wonderful comment. 😀


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