I’m sitting here, on the verge of creating my very first website & blog, and many questions are running around my head:

Will I be able to write a good enough blog that will keep people returning to my site?
How often do I have to update it?
Are there certain SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that one should follow when writing a blog?
What if I can’t do this?

I’ve written in a daily journal (well, mostly-daily if I’m gonna be honest) for several years now, and have no problems coming up with topics to write about.  I gave myself a goal to write 3 pages each morning, which takes me about half an hour, but there are some days when I actually have to cut myself off at 3 pages.  Some days my mind is so full of thoughts and ideas that I could probably spend an hour or more curled up on the couch transferring all the thoughts from my mind onto paper.

Chances are, I’ll have similar experiences here.  Days when it’s sheer torture just to get my “3 pages” of blogging done, and others when the words will fly through my fingertips onto the computer.

In fact, as I reread my internal questions above, I’m struck with a topic already: How similar those questions are with regards to writing in general.

I’m not yet published, so I can  only speak from the perspective of  a wannabe author (though I’m guessing successful authors still have these doubts too).  But I can tell you that each one of those questions ran through my mind as I made my way through my first full manuscript.

Will I be able to write a book/series that people will want to read?
Are there certain guidelines I “should” follow before I start writing?
How many revisions should I go through before sending it off to agents/publishers?
What if I suck at this?

Interspersed with days of thinking my manuscript was drivel & wanting to chuck the whole thing, there were days where I’d look it over during revisions and think it was genius.  Some days, I’d read a scene & feel everything in the cosmos click into place somehow, knowing that what I’d written would be read and enjoyed by others.

I’m guessing those days will also happen with regards to this blog.  So, to those of you who will read my blog on a regular basis, I hope you stick around through the drivel long enough to enounter the entries that easily fall into place and speak to you as a writer, reader and just plain ol’ wonderful human being.

Take care,



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